Beginner lesson

You’re just getting started?

Here is what you will learn

  • Discovering the instrument
  • Learning the names of the various piece of drum equipment
  • Basic hand technique
  • Basic foot technique
  • Learning basic rudiments (Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles, Flams)
  • Basic rudiments applied to the drums
  • Basic rhythmic sight reading (quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes)
  • Learning basic snare drum pieces (Podemski)
  • Learning how to play basic snare drum duet with the teacher
  • Learning basic coordination
  • Rhythmic coordination in 8th notes
  • Bass drum variations
  • Learning how to play fills and how to structure them
  • Learning how to play simple musical phrases
  • Learning how to play with basic play-along tracks
  • Learning how to play simple popular songs (We Will Rock You, Beverly Hills, Free Fallin’, Billie Jean, Seven Nation Army, etc.)
  • And much more…
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